• The Ayr Film Society was inaugurated in the spring of 1973 charging £1 for a season of five feature films. The society is accommodated within Ayr Town Hall. The society endeavours to provide an interesting, varied and eclectic mix of contemporary, classic, European, Asian, Latin American, documentary and short films. Amid a flourishing cultural and arts community the Ayr Film Society boasts a diverse range of thought-provoking and challenging films. The society has been instrumental in providing a unique service of foreign language films from around the world for the local community. We actively encourage the community as we recognise, embrace and hopefully inject a suitable variety of cinematic delights, which compliment the diverse range of cultural and leisure activities on offer within the local area. We are affiliated to Ayr Arts Guild, and Cinema for All .



1989 - UK Winner for Best Programme
1994 - UK Winner for Best Programme
2009 - Distinction for Best Programming
2010 - UK Winner for Best Programme Notes
           Commendation for Best Programming


Registered Charity - SC006980

Previous Audience Winners

The Society asks members to score each screening from Excellent to Poor.

Season 2014/15

Kapringen (A Hijacking)

Audience Score 90.47%

Season 2013/14

The Hunt (Denmark)

Audience Score 94.84%

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